Things You Must Know About National Savings Certificate Maturity

Earlier, the NSC (National Saving Certificate) was available in a two-term period

  1. VIII issue for 5 years of maturity period for the short or medium-term investors
  2. IX issue for 10 years of maturity period for the long term investors with some extra returns rate

But from December 2015, the Government discontinued the NSC IX issue, which was for 10 years, so now only the NSC VIII issue exists, and it comes with the 5 years of maturity period. Currently, from April 1, 2020, NSC is offering the 6.8% per year return rate.

How To Calculate Maturity Value Of NSC?

Calculating the maturity value manually is complex because of the compound interest on NSC, which means each year’s interest earned on the money reinvested to the original amount. But you can use our NSC Calculator to calculate the total interest you will earn on your investment on the maturity within a few seconds if you are aware of all of the required numbers. Just need to pick three things,

  • Amount Invested: Amount you want to invest
  • Rate of Interest: Rate of return which is currently 6.8% per year
  • Maturity (year): Maturity Period which is currently 5 years

 Let’s take an example,

  • Amount of investment: 100,200
  • Rate Of Interest: 6.8%
  • Year: 5
  • Compound: Half Yearly

Your interest will be: 39703 Total Amount On Maturity: 139703

Mode Of Payment On Maturity

On maturity, investors can have the money in hard cash or can transfer the amount of their savings account. And in case if investors fail to withdraw on maturity, then he/she will get interest on the amount at the rate of the Post Office saving account for the next two years. After the two years, there will be no interest.

How To Encash Certificates On Maturity

On maturity to encash the NSC, investors have to go to the post office where he/she registered the certificate.


  • Original National Savings Certificates
  • Valid ID proof like passport, driving license, PAN card, etc.

If the NSC is purchased on behalf of minors, then the initial purchaser should sign the certificate and get it attested by the legal guardian of minor.