What Documents Are Required For National Savings Certificate?

If you don’t know, then the National Saving certificate is one of the most popular Fixed Income Saving Scheme among the small & mid-size investors in India. Here we are going to tell you about the documents anybody required to buy or withdraw an NSC.

Documente To Buy A NSC

  • Any ID Proof
  • Any Address Proof
  • NSC application form (Which is called Form 1, also known as Form A, or NC-71)
  • Any witness
  • One photograph

Make Sure Post Office Correctly Fill Following Information

  • Number of certificates
  • Issue price
  • Date of encashment
  • Postmaster’s initials
  • Signature of the postmaster

Documents Required For Encashment

Encashment On Maturity

  • Original NSC Certificate
  • NSC encashment form (Which can be download from the Post Office website, or visit the nearest Post Office)
  • Any ID Proof such as driving Licence, or voter ID

Note: Attestation by a guardian is mandatory if it purchased on behalf of the minor

Know more about the Rules & Regulation Of NSC

Encashment Before Maturity

Premature encashment is not allowed for NSC. It can only be done for some specific cases like Death Of Certificate Holder, court order, Forfeiture by a pledge by any Government Office.

Know more about the Rules & Regulation Of NSC

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